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Access Phone Numbers

AT&T National Relay Service*

All Users: 711
TTY Users: 1-800-855-2880
Voice Users: 1-800-855-2881
PC (ASCII) Users: 1-800-855-2882
Telebraille: 1 800-855-2883

AT&T Spanish Relay Service**

TTY Spanish: 1-800-855-2884
Voice Spanish: 1-800-855-2885

AT&T Speech-to-Speech Service**

English STS: 1-800-229-5746
Spanish STS: 1-866-260-9470

*Try us for your state-to-state calls and outbound international calls.

Available for local and state-to-state relay calls for all states listed below.

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Virginia Relay Service
Virginia Public Service Commission

All Users: 711
TTY Users: 1-800-828-1120
Voice Users: 1-800-828-1140