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Step by Step Instructions for Speech-to-Speech (STS) Relay Calls

Please note: No TTY is necessary; only a standard phone.

  1. Dial 711 or 1-800-229-5746 to connect to a Speech-to-Speech Communications Assistant directly.
  2. You will connect to a Speech-to-Speech Communications Assistant who has been specifically trained to provide assistance for customers with mild to severe speech disabilities, as well as customers using voice synthesizers, voice enhancers and other devices
  3. Verbally inform the Communications Assistant of the area code and telephone number you are calling.
  4. Choose the role that you want the Communications Assistant to take in your call:

    • Active Role: the Communications Assistant will repeat everything you say to the other party.
    • Passive Role: the Communications Assistant will intervene only upon request from you or the person you have called.
  5. The Communications Assistant will dial out your call. You will be able to hear the line ringing and everything the person you have called says once the call is answered.
  6. Speak directly to the person you have called. The Communications Assistant will repeat your conversation for you as you previously requested.
  7. The Communications Assistant will disconnect the call when you are finished. Let the Communications Assistant know if you wish to make another call.

Speed Dial List available on Relay Choice Profile

Speech-to-Speech callers can store a list of frequently called names and telephone numbers with AT&T Relay Services by using the Relay Choice Profile. This list allows you to call someone without having to provide their telephone number.

Spanish STS is also available: Dial 1-866-260-9470.

You will be connected to a specially trained Communications Assistant who can re-voice spoken Spanish to a Spanish listener as needed. (Refer to Step-By-Step Instructions for STS Relay Calls to complete your call.)