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Step by Step Instructions for HCO to TTY Calls

Please note: If using a TTY, it should be set to Baudot or Turbo Code mode.

  1. Dial 711 or 1-800-855-2880 to reach a relay Communications Assistant.
  2. When you see the message "RC NBR CALLING PLS GA" on your TTY display screen, type the area code and number you are calling followed by "HTT GA."
  3. You will connect to a Communications Assistant who will type the message "HCO ON GA" to signal for you to go ahead.
  4. Pick up the handset of your phone. The Communications Assistant will tell you that your call is being placed. If the TTY user you have called answers, the Communications Assistant will type that the call is a "hearing-to-TTY" call then verbally ask you to begin typing your message.
  5. Replace the handset and type your message. Please type "GA" when you are finished typing and ready for a response. The Communications Assistant will retype your message for the TTY user you have called to read.
  6. Pick up the handset again to listen to the Communications Assistant read the TTY user’s response directly to you then replace it when you are ready to type your reply.
  7. Follow this process throughout the duration of your call. When you are ready to hang up, type "SK" then pick up your handset to hear the Communications Assistant say "goodbye."