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IP CapTel Users Please Read

Important Notice Regarding Your AT&T IP Captioned Telephone Service
(AT&T IP CapTel®)

January 30, 2013

Dear AT&T IP CapTel® User,

We are notifying you that effective June 23rd, 2013, AT&T is suspending its IP CapTel® services and unfortunately you will not be able to use the AT&T IP CapTel® service as long as it is suspended. This notice affects AT&T users of the 800i and 840i telephone devices, AT&T Web CapTel®, and AT&T Mobile CapTel®.

If you wish to continue using your current IP CapTel® equipment (800i or 840i) with a different provider you may contact the manufacturer at 877-473-1867. If you are a registered user of AT&T Web CapTel®, and/or AT&T Mobile CapTel® application, or would like a list of other IP Captioned Telephone service providers, please refer to the FCC website:

PLEASE NOTE: This notice does not affect AT&T’s analog CapTel® service provided through your state relay contract. Our analog CapTel® service, supported by the 800 telephone device, will continue to be provided.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Our AT&T Relay support team is reachable by email ( or by calling Voice (800) 682- 8706, or TTY (800) 682-8786 to address any questions you have.


AT&T Relay Services