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10-Digit Number FAQs

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A ten digit number is a unique telephone number that is assigned to you and will allow you to receive calls from anyone. It’s a 7-digit phone number combined with a 3-digit area code. You can share it with friends, family, and everyone else you want to communicate with. They can simply dial your personal 10-digit phone number and reach you directly through AT&T Relay. Now hearing people and relay callers can reach you with one, convenient phone number!

You must first register with a default Internet-relay provider.

To register with AT&T IM Relay, go to:

No. 10-digit numbers are absolutely free to anyone who has a speech or hearing disability and uses an Internet-based relay service, like Video Relay, IP Relay, or Instant Message Relay. Simply register for your own 10-digit phone number, and it’s yours free of charge.

E911 calls are those calls made to emergency services like Police, Fire, or Ambulance whenever you believe there is any danger to life or property. In order for your call to 911 to be handled correctly, you must register and provide your physical location and obtain a ten digit telephone number.

Your registered location information is used to connect you to the appropriate 911 call center. It is also used for emergency services to find you in case of an emergency. Make sure your registered location information stays current in our system.

To update your registered location information on file with AT&T IM Relay: